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Currently shipping: Danielle the Axolotl. 

We are currently shipping February's pin club, Danielle the Axolotl. 

If you wish to subscribe for the next instalment, please wait until April 7th to place your order.

What’s included in the eds animals enamel pin subscription?

The latest enamel pin badge designed by Kerry Lord as it is released - once every 2 months. You will receive 6 pins over the course of each year. 

TOFT enamel pins are based on the best-selling crochet kits by Kerry Lord. Our favourite crochet patterns are turned into collectable enamel pin badges which are sure to brighten up any project bag or jacket. Each pin measures approx. 25mm high. 

Personalise your project bag with 6 mystery parcels despatched by our dedicated TOFT Team directly from HQ during February, April, June, August, October, and December. Each parcel contains 1 enamel pin badge designed by Kerry Lord, beautifully wrapped in tissue paper, along with an exclusive #edspins sticker. Each pin badge is limited edition - by subscribing you are guaranteed not to miss out!

Charging and shipping dates

This TOFT enamel pins subscription is a rolling annual subscription, meaning that it will auto-renew once a year unless you decide to cancel or skip an instalment. Your card will be re-charged two months after your final instalment has been received ready to ensure you don’t miss out on the next six pins. 

The new pins will then be launched and dispatched on the following dates:  

12th February 

14th April 

14th June

13th August

15th October

Your membership will continue to be charged annually and delivered once every two months unless you cancel or pause your subscription. You can do this at any time by logging into the ‘My Account’ section of the TOFT Subscriptions website. 

Don't worry about when you subscribe as we will manually re-calibrate your subscription dates to ensure your parcels and charge dates all match up with the release dates. If you subscribe between instalments being released the current pin will ship immediately and the next pin will automatically be shipped to you when it is released. This means that after your first parcel, your subscription will be aligned to sit alongside the bulk release that goes out to all subscribers on file. 

The cost of delivery will be calculated at checkout based on the shipping address and is charged annually alongside the subscription (unless the option to collect from TOFT HQ is selected from the dropdown menu above). 

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