Centraliser Collection with Keeper

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This specially designed ring is ideal to keep your stitch markers from The Centraliser Collection safe and together. It features six rings for you to clip each centraliser on to, plus a large clasp for you to attach on to your project or stash bag.

This set comes with stitch markers from the first series of The Centraliser Collection (22/23) – Nancy the Bee, Annabel the Butterfly, Ava the Ladybird, Tara the Tarantula, Otis the Snail and Nova the Rosy Maple Moth.

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Choose from Silver or Gold to match your collection!

TOFT Centralisers are a handy stitch marking tool for creating perfect crochet and knitting projects. These collectable charms are created from illustrations based on Kerry Lord's popular Edward's Menagerie crochet designs.

SIZE: Your centraliser keeper measures approximately 12cm long with six rings

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